Broken circle breakdown

As we draw close to the highly anticipated Tribeca Film Festival, it is always a pleasure to attend one of a kind screenings – and in this case we couldn’t wait until Broken Circle Breakdown arrived in New York City.

A semi- short drama directed by Felix Van Groeningen delivers the intensity that celebrates the whimsical minutiae we face while in love. Two people – Didler, a banjo player in a Bluegrass band and Elise, a free-spirited tattoo shop owner intertwine and it is indeed love at first sight. The bond that binds them are the shared similarities and appreciation for American folk music and eclectic culture.

Didler is attracted to Elise because of her carefree attitude towards life and she is drawn to him because he is the solid foundation that she needs. As their affection sizzles, they take things to another level by welcoming Maybelle – their new addition to the family. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances after losing Maybelle, this is where their love and strength is tested.

Though at the beginning it might appear they have both become one – this tragedy challenges their love and their coping capabilities to the maximum. The film is filled with infinite passion, and outstanding strong emotional attachments and realizations. Will Elise and Didler make it through with only love as the common denominator? Or will it indeed become a broken circle breakdown? Watch the film and see what happens.

By: Laura Artis

T: @lauraslifeonink