The title of this piece means more than you probably understand or know of. For that reason, our trips North are very important to us and all events that we cover — especially music.

While we all know about Jennifer Lopez and the 6 train, the Bronx is so much more. In fact, if it wasn’t for its rich history, JLo may not have had the influence she did. Its everywhere in the borough that gave birth to hip hop and freestyle.

The latter is what we’re here to talk about. The genre may not mean what it means outside of the New York metropolitan area but around these parts, it’s an important piece of music history. And once a year, the Bronx puts on a show to remember! We are talking about Forever Freestyle. Yes, you can see freestyle shows elsewhere including Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall but it is a different experience.

Mr. Sal Abbatiello is the man responsible for bringing the experience that can only happy in the Bronx. Sal did not win the 2015 LMX Lifetime Achievement Award for no reason. It’s because he knows this world. He is this world and the community responds!

All you need to do is show up to the Lehman Center and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

This year’s concert included Judy Torres, Cynthia, George Lamond, Noel, Coro, Rob Base, Sa-Fire, Corina, Lydia Lee Love, Soave and of course a closing set by TKA/K7 that took down the house. Between each act, Speedy, Sal and DJ Lucho kept the crowd grooving.  TKA/K7 “Maria”, JUDY TORRES “No Reason To Cry”, CYNTHIA “Change On Me”, GEORGE LAMOND “Bad Of The Heart”, NOEL “Silent Morning”, CORO “Where Are You Tonight”, ROB BASE “It Takes Two”, SA-FIRE “Boy I’ve Been Told”, CORINA “Temptation”, LYDIA LEE LOVE “Don’t Take Your Love Away” and  SOAVE “Crying Over You”.

For us, it was a star studded affair that everyone should experience.

Highlights of the evening included Coro and his dancers, Noel who took us back to the rooftop and the Queen herself, Judy Torres who is 48 and fabulous!

The talent gets older with the audience but that doesn’t mean anything when the show is in session.

Of all the events we cover, this may have one of the most significant influences as this genre and the Bronx is why many things are what they are.

We already can’t wait til #12.