at 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn)

Dagmara Genda’s work is massive yet intimate, Soviet and American, insistently flat with a resonance achieved through technical ingenuity and a startling story-telling force.

Come celebrate the first NYC show of Dagmara Genda, the winner of the 3rd Ward Winter Open Call. Born in Communist Poland and a self-described nomad of Canada, Genda creates consuming cityscapes that tell of blunt, brutal histories with an uncommon delicacy.

Building Disaster will feature a large-scale, site-specific installation made of intricate hand-cut glossy vinyl that will take over an entire hallway in 3rd Ward. Other works are achieved through repeatedly layering rounds of wallpaper-like painting and drawing. Both painstaking methodologies confuse spatial relationships and create a visual tension with texture and a weighty world turned upside-down. By juxtaposing poverty and opulence, destruction and elegance, Genda has created a cacophonous riot that thrills.

Featuring DJs, live accordion music from Matt Dallow, and complimentary drinks and pickles from Spear’s Spears.

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