Brooklyn Fashion Week

The wonderful world of Fashion Week begins once again and this time our destination terminates at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. For those who had a chance to attend the Fall Collection in early February 2013, nothing compares to the upcoming 2014 Spring Collection showcased this time around.

The show kicked off on October 3rd and ran until October 6. The first night brings back some designers from 2012 including Maxwell William High School.

Women & Men W Designer Erin B

Women W Designer High School of Fashion Industry

Designers Francesca Defranchis Doggy Couture

(Women W) Andrea Fitzgerald (Canada)

Women & Men W Designer Draft Minerva (USA)

(Women W ) Howareyou (Germany).

On the second night, the energy levels peak as more designers take over the runway. First on deck is Joyce Pilarsky representing the Philippines with beautifully, bright colors, and perfectly woven garments.

Emma Lijedahl – our second designer from Norway showcases her line called Appollonius. Let’s just say if she was looking for the “X-factor,” she accomplished it.


Next in line is Angel Rodriguez who managed to bring his A-game plus more. The collection is fierce and exudes the pride behind Angel’s fetish vision.

Our last presentation, Bradley Douglas Jordan closes the night. Everything from bikinis, sarongs, to a sinful and daring take on rompers is the name of Bradley’s agenda.

Take a look and see.

Other favorites during the remainder of the weekend included Lydia Cutler with her line titled: Kemunto. Lydia’s creative and avant-garde combination of plaid, satin and lace is absolutely wonderful and exquisite.

Fashion, in a sense is a story told by the designers destined to capture our imagination and take us out of our comfort zone. Gone are the days of keeping it simple as we progress into the future.

It is only fair to allow fashion to move forward with more “out of the box” innovations and push our senses past our boundaries as well. It is a pleasure  to attend Brooklyn Fashion Week once again, and we highly anticipate to return in a few months for new collections.

By:  Laura M. Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink.