Welcome to Brooklyn, home of the Nets, the Dodgers, Brooklyn Brewery, the Brooklyn Bridge . For those who dare to call themselves trendsetters and fashionistas we present four days of fluff, feathers, lace, leather, blindfolds (yes seriously) and everything Couture in between.

 The first day is an appetizer and a preview of the remainder of the weekend’s upcoming events. Prior to the event, I had the pleasure of speaking with one designer Jamie Joseph. A Bostonian interior decorator turned handbag connoisseur native whose handmade designer bags became instant eye candy and part of the wish list for subsequent seasons. Jaime’s well thought out and expedited craft shines with an exquisite taste for details and her creations are sure to pique your interest and desire more.

 I am flabbergasted when Jaime confesses that in a matter of two hours she is capable of producing an average of five bags a day along with playing the role of a wife and mother to her son, Leland( hint this is also the inspiration of her website mentioned below). Jaime aspires to increase her empire with her next goal in progress as she pushes forward in constructing a mobile boutique on wheels store called “DDIE”- Got Décor?

 The excitement magnifies as she dispenses the intricate details. This is the fashion instant gratification we have been waiting for; and it is also a great last minute, on the go solution for every girl -courtesy of Jaime. If you hunger for more feel free to visit her site at: www.Dnalel.com.

Four hundred pictures later, it is sad to minimize their appearance on this article, however, a few personal favorite and memorable images won the race. The first favorite designer was LUNQS and his theme was blindfolds, neutral cover-ups, and ended with an eccentric all black piece with a fifteen foot, endless, coil.

Honestly, I would wear something like this including the blindfold – but I think it would require additional navigational skills to get around.

The next designer you should look out for in the upcoming Spring Season is JOVANI. Her collection defines the epitome of glitz. Every intricate work is presented in the sequence, and the feathers, and peacock inspired formal wear. Whites, cremes, blues, vibrant Spring colors that are sure to make you stand out in the crowd at your next formal event.

 Brooklyn meets Kuwait; that’s right Brooklyn crossed the international waters and it was a wonderful experience to view Montaha Couture. Middle Eastern music blasted through the speakers, and immediately the crowd exploded waving mini national flags as the first runway model strolled through the runway. Inspired by tradition, comfort and the exquisite mixture of bright and neutral colors – this was a treat.

 I love lace! This brings us to another piece as Rada highlights her lavender, form fitting, slenderizing and very risky garments. 

I know what you are thinking, where will I wear this? Everywhere of course because the designer added a fun, and versatile jacket to accessorize which added a little mystery to the fun and seduction from her dresses.

Brooklyn Fashion Week is an experience unlike any other -very memorable and remains as an event worth repeating. If your visiting New York around Fashion week, the energy is great and you never know who you may run into.

Charge your camera, and/or tablet, have fun, bring your sense of style and work it.

 By Laura M. Artis.

T: @Lauraslifeonink.