We talk about it all the time but often guilty of not practicing what we preach. Sure, there is plenty to explore in Manhattan but everyone knows that Brooklyn is on fire. You likely know all about Williamsburg, Park Slope and DUMBO. But, what do you know about Brooklyn Heights?  Yes, it’s the neighborhood you go through when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge to grab your famous pizza. But, what else do you know besides it being a setting for television series and movies such as The Patty Duke Show, The Cosby Show, and Moonstruck?  Allow us to walk you through the neighborhood’s beautifully tree-lined streets and take you to Pinto on Montague Street, where we recently enjoyed a fabulous meal.


Our team was recently invited to the six-month old Brooklyn version of the West Village staple.  As mentioned, New York Events does not visit Brooklyn Heights enough.  Immediately after exiting the subway, we felt more relaxed as we approached the restaurant.  The walk down Montague Street is a treat and in some ways, a vacation from what’s on the other side of the bridge.  The streets are lined with trees and shops that are so subtle you barely notice the Starbucks! If you peek your head up a bit, you’ll catch a skyline view and smile inside knowing how much more serene your environment is.


The tranquility doesn’t stop when you get to Pinto; it actually gets kicked up a notch. As you head down the short flight of stairs, you walk through an entrance-way covered in green. There are enough plants and flowers around the restaurant to wipe the concrete jungle from your mind. The sense of peace is strong and is complemented by the attentive staff that does not take their eye off of you, ensuring an experience that is comfortable from the beginning.


The farm fresh Thai restaurant is as authentic as the Thai ownership group and the name selected for their establishment.  Pinto is a set of containers used to carry meals which are specially prepared and cooked from home. For us Americans, a lunchbox.  And no, unfortunately, we did not take our leftovers home in a pinto.


Yes, there were leftovers. And, yes, that means the portions were very healthy. Needless to say, we very much appreciated the opportunity to enjoy our meal the next day.  Ready to find out what we ate? We can’t wait to tell you! Spoiler alert on the pics!



For apps, we shared the satay which is grilled cumin marinated chicken, peanut curry, cucumber salad and crouton, the crab rangoon, a fried crispy wonton filled with cream cheese, scallion, crab served with sweet chili sauce (these were not leftover), the mushroom crunch or sesame-crusted fresh mushroom served with jalapeno tartar sauce, chicken mint salad and lettuce wrap minced chicken because being wrapped in lettuce is awesome. And of course, the dumpling (which is actually multiple dumplings) with shrimp and herbs wrapped in homemade pasta with truffle-infused soy sauce (there were also no leftovers here).


The appetizers were perfect portions for sharing and came on plates that were designed to be maneuvered around the table. Everything was outstanding.  Our personal favorite was the crab rangoon. Who knew cheese and seafood worked so well?


During the course of our meal, we kept talking about the French influence. There was an abundance of flavors in every bite and kept us on our toes through the dinner.  Each plate had its own flavor and flair which made the group experience that much more fun.


For our main course we shared a few items including the obligatory chicken (crispy) pad thai which kept the party going after all the delicious apps, the crab fried rice which was jasmine rice, fresh farm egg and crab meat baked in whole young coconut (yes, a real coconut) and the lamb massaman which was braised lamb with homemade massaman curry, roasted peanut, local farm carrot, crispy potato and steamed kale. The crab fried rice should get an award for presentation but we have been dreaming of the lamb massaman since we left.  As lamb connoisseurs, we can confidently say that there is no lamb prepared like this. The tenderness and quality of the meat combined with the delicate sauce is an experience we can’t wait to have again.


Finally, we found space for dessert and enjoyed a refreshing banana pudding and sorbet which we will not divulge the flavor (as if you needed a reason to go).


The experience started when we popped out of the subway and continued until we Ubered across the bridge. It’s a memorable tour of a great neighborhood and the venue was designed as if it had been there from the beginning. The indie music complimented the decor and vibe. Pinto had everything working (including the lavender in the bathroom for good measure) at once which is rare for a new restaurant. Speaking of new, they have not received their liquor license yet so it’s BYOB – take advantage while its there!


After finishing our lefties, we’re ready to go back!


The details of the restaurant as follows. Make your plans now.


Pinto Restaurant
128 Montague Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201
Between Clinton Street & Henry Street