Forget summer, forget fall. We’re not sure what happened or where the decent weather went. We put our shorts away and what seems like a week later, we put our windbreakers away and then the following week, our leather coats…well, you get the point. We’re freezing our butts off! And it’s not even Thanksgiving!

Hey, at least we’re not in Buffalo. We can go on and on and complain some more but that won’t do us any good. We’re an event site…let’s talk about what to do in the weather! Since its not snowing, we can’t build a snowman. Plan B: Drink!

The silver lining on this weather is that dark alcohol aka bourbon season has come quick.

We say bundle up and try our favorites (or suggest your own!)

Here they are:

Bondurants (303 E 85th Street) – Over 100 bourbons!

The Whiskey Ward (121 Essex Street) – Try the sweet tea bourbon!

Hudson Bar & Books (636 Hudson Street) – This place will bring you back. If only they still let you smoke in bars..