Buenos Aires NYC

Buenos Aires NYC

Steak, red wine, and football are just three things I love.  I want to travel to Argentina and watch a football game, then head to a restaurant and eat a big steak meal which I can wash down with a bottle of red wine.

Until I can clear up some time in my schedule and head down to South America, I can still indulge in delicious Argentine cuisine by going to Buenos Aires.  No, not the city, but the restaurant located in Alphabet City.  Every time I walk by it my mouth waters and I have to tell myself that I have other places I must get to before indulging in such fine food.

If you want to eat alone, and enjoy your meal, this is a nice spot.  You can watch the football games on the television.  They show games from Argentina but you might also get some from Spain.  If you want to go have a meal with friends or want to have a pleasant date that will increase the odds of a follow-up date, this is also a wonderful choice.

For an appetizer, I love the chorizo picante, the spicy sausage.  The ensalada caprese,which consists of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and olive oil, would also be welcome by your taste buds.  Try a pair of the various types of Argentine empanadas.

You can’t go wrong ordering the Spaghetti Bolognese or the Pollo a las Brasas, a half roasted chicken marinated in lemon and herbs.  My favorite non-beef meal here is theSuprema de Pollo Napolitana (breaded chicken topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella).  The steak succulent and the mere thought of it makes me consider taking a break from writing this and heading back down to Buenos Aires for a meal (and I was just there last night!).  Be sure to get a bottle of red wine to complement your meal.

Buenos Aires, the restaurant, will tide me over until I get myself on a plane and land in Argentina.  It will make you want to renew your passport as well.

– Alejandro Armenta