It’s been a helluva year so far and we’ve only reached the halfway point. As much as some of us want 2020 to end so that we can begin a new year, we still have six months to march through. While we hope that its not nearly as eventful as the first half, we are not so optimistic given what we’ve experienced thus far. So, the good news is that we’re halfway through. The bad news is that we’re halfway through. At least we get a Holiday in here before we begin our final stretch. Believe it or not, the 4th of July is here, and some traditions stand; like the Macy’s Fireworks.

Just like many events that take place every year, the 2020 installment will look different than what we’re used to. In this case, the event may have improved as a result. From Monday, June 29 through Saturday, July 4, Macy’s Fireworks displays will launch unannounced on select evenings across New York City. Each 5-minute display will feature Macy’s signature pyrotechnic scale with thousands of shells reaching heights up to 1,000 feet. Each show is brief and will be over before residents can gather at its source. The displays will be launched from one or two land or water-based locations over the course of the week-long celebration covering every borough of New York City. The idea is to bring fireworks to you in your neighborhood rather than traveling in crowds and congregating. Don’t worry, the main event still exists. Think of the show leading up the 4th as its opening acts. This year’s show will celebrate New York and America with a spectacular display choreographed to an epic musical score! Tune in to NBC Saturday, July 4, from 8PM-10PM ET/PT or 7PM-9PM CT/MT and watch along with friends and family.

New York City is all about convenience and this sounds about as convenient as it gets. Count us in!

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