Nestled on 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, below the street level, is Jack and his son Arkadiy. The father and son combo have one of the neatest outfits and uses of space in New York.

People often complain that New York City has lost its sense of character, the mom and pop operations and the interesting nooks and crannies. Well, critics, there is still Jack’s!

Their in-house expert service technicians are in-store, on-site, every day – for the single-minded purpose of performing professional repairs on your mobile phone or any electronic device while you wait. Have you shattered your LCD screen while rushing to an appointment as it fell out of your briefcase or purse onto a concrete slab? Has your toddler drooled all over your favorite phone? Did you drown your smart phone? Does your phone turn on but fail to work – looking like a blank slate?

The store bodes itself as a sales, rental, and repair shop. We see it as the old-school cell phone store combined with the lost, very basic art of fixing things! These guys will repair your cell phone and send you on your way.

No insurance, no problem! Jack’s is your place! Your service provider refuses to unlock your cell phone? No worries…Jack’s has a full line of GSM phones for you!

We realize that this is an event site but we like to recognize interesting and neat New York experiences that are events in themselves. Therefore, we had to write about Jack’s!

Check them out online at mention us for 20% off any repair or purchased accessories!