Charles Scott

 A person grows through what they go through,” and what a wonderful way to introduce you to Charlie Scott.

A twenty three year old up and coming hip hop artist spreading infinite inspiration through hip hop. However, similar to many things that bring us to our current reality, we must undergo events in our lives to appreciate the transformation that makes us who we are. Charlie, a former drug user, turned his life around and with this second chance, he utilizes to pay it forward and spread sprinkles of encouragement, and motivation to others suffering from addiction through his magnificent, thought provoking tunes. 

Charlie started writing poetry in sixth grade until high school and just when you think life is easy breezy, circumstances far beyond your control temporarily take over. However, as with anything in life, the choice to make a change – a positive one at that, usually is the catalyst igniting the possibility to fulfill your destiny in life. For some, the light at the end of the tunnel remains grim but once an individual makes a decision to become a better person the Universe conspires with you to bring you the change you seek. 

While speaking with Charlie, he remains humbled as he openly shares the low moments of his path that have helped him become the person he is today. Charlie became addicted to pain killers after a severe car accident. He claims it was easy to surrender to drugs because after all if the doctors are willing to prescribe them and the drugs magnified his euphoria, then why not continue to chase after that feeling.

  At his lowest point, Charlie recaps when he was kicked out of his house and slept in the park for a night, and it was then he reached his epiphany to change his life around. After a personal decision to attend a rehab facility in Florida, this is where things take on a positive spin. During a therapy session and as part of an assignment, Charlie’s therapist requests he write a letter to bid drugs farewell- and “Dear Roxy” is born.

Additionally, he befriends an employee within the rehab center who adds further encouragement by adding his guitar as background music and later connects Charlie to some people offering access to a recording studio.

After the completion of his rehab treatment, Charlie continues to write songs at the halfway house and “Lay It Down” becomes part of the track list. When he returns back home, Charlie commits to make the remainder of his existence serving as a muse of inspiration to others.

Charlie’s first aspiration was to become a Marine, and he declined an offer to work in the fire department, expressing levity in the situation, as he claims he does not have a death wish. He sheds the past and instead of remaining a victim of life, currently he is working multiple jobs to pay his way through College.

He is majoring in Psychology and aspires to work as a counselor with a concentration on the adult male population and help guide them through the trials and tribulations associated with drug addiction.

While traveling through a different journey these days, you can find Charlie performing at various venues including and not limited to, local rehab centers. Additionally, he has recorded over one hundred and twenty songs a few of his favorite tracks include, “Thank You” (dedicated to his parents), “Venting,” “King Simba,” “Keep Me Going,” and “Let it Go.”

Lastly, it is a pleasure to speak with Charlie and I wish him an abundance of luck as he makes his way to reach his dream to perform at Madison Square Garden; attention Rock-Nation producers, if you are looking for a new talent look no further. In the meantime feel free to listen to Charlie’s music on, and follow him on Twitter: @HipHopCharlie.

Also, mark your calendars and if you want to see Charlie live in person, he will be performing at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe with five other performers – composed of two comics, a poet, a band and a hip hop artist, Charlie, also known as the Heavy Hitters on April 24, 2013.

If you cannot wait, feel free to visit him on his page and  here is the official video release for his song: King Simba.

By: Laura M. Artis. Twitter: Lauraslifeonink.