Seems like just yesterday we were trying to get through as many Beasts or Natty Ice cans as possible; just to get a buzz.  We didn’t even think about the massive, swelling, painful headache we would have the next day. Our fraternities would order cases by the pallet and charge $5 to get into the party just to enjoy this sweet nectar.

OK, flashback over. We don’t have to do that anymore! First of all, we have a few extra bucks after college (even after paying back student loans), we can still afford a quality beer. The problem these days is making a choice!

As you know, craft beer and microbreweries have blown up! So much that Budweiser is now frowned upon; back in our day, you had the best party on campus if you served some bud!

Economics tells us that the greater supply, the lower prices there are. Well, this is still New York and deals are not found at every watering hole. However, having said that, you can still find a good deal on a brew!

Have you checked out or Murph Guide? They are definitely your source for a cheap buzz (and no, not like the one in college!).

If you don’t feel like looking, there’s always Pony Bar where the rotating selection changes and only sets you back $6 a glass. We recommend the Hell’s Kitchen location as the Upper East Side is severely bro populated (sorry bros).

The point is, you can drink quality on the cheap. Just look!