Since the weather is getting warmer and we have a hint of what to expect in the next few months, it was the right decision to make it down to the Intrepid Museum for the Choice Streets presented by Village Voice.

Did you know that the Intrepid Museum is one of the few landmarks that captures history via land, air, and sea? Isn’t that a cool fact? We thought so too and it was even more appropriate to be part of this great event at this particular venue.

Though we arrived a bit later than the suggested time, it was perfect timing to culminate the stress of the day by tasting great food as the sunset danced over the Hudson River.

Over twenty trucks were lined up and as soon as we grabbed our map, it was showtime – or shall we say grub time.

It was a lot to take in especially while standing in line at one vendor – and striking up conversation with a few other foodie enthusiasts who traveled all the way from California, Texas, Vermont, Florida, Illinois, and even Wisconsin to attend this event.

Then again, why not – this is one of the best foodies events that make us consistently fall in love with New York City.

Even though every vendor was awesome- here are a few of our favorites:

And then for dessert, we ventured over the path to Coolhaus and Kelvin’s Slush Company – wow talk about a chill factor. Then again, after all that munching it was only the best decision to calm down the digestive enzymes as they clocked in over time with the previous delicious menu items.

Overall the entire event was finger-licking good and your writer couldn’t even think straight after everything was said and done. When you consider how many times we went back for seconds – especially at Luke’s Lobster truck, the whole experience was sinfully delicious.

Kudos indeed for the lobster and shrimp rolls – they were to die for.

Do we anticipate to be in attendance next year? You bet your bottom dollar we do.

By:  Laura Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink.