Claude opened his patisserie here on West 4th Street back in 1982, bringing the bakery traditions of his French homeland with him and turning this space into a neighborhood institution. When Claude retired, Pablo, who’d been baking by his side for years, took over running the shop and turning out the pastries you all love so much. Now that Pablo is retiring, our aim is to honor their hard work and preserve their heritage — keeping this wonderful place vibrant and serving baked goods and coffee that would make Claude proud. We are preserving the recipes handed down by Claude and Pablo. And looking forward to serving the community.

Let’s uphold our commitment to excellence at CLAUDE82 by crafting the finest French pastries. From delicate fruit tarts to buttery croissants, each treat is made with Claude’s meticulous care and top-quality ingredients. Experience the essence of French patisserie without leaving town – visit CLAUDE82 today.

Venue Details


Fresh baked, pastry, house made drinks, coffee and tea, side walk seating and cute neighborhood


7am – 6pm

Good For

Private small event. Lunching products, pop up store event.


Clean and Cozy


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