While Russia isn’t the most popular kid on the block today, they do have plenty to offer. Yes, they do have Vladimir Putin and he rides horses topless and we all laugh and make memes. Better than Putin (yes, there is something better) is Russian vodka!

Lucky for us being in New York City, we have access to some of the best vodka. We’re not talking about the bottles that you can find in any bar or liquor store. We’re referring to an experience.

This experience is straight from Russia and calls Gramercy Park home in the States.

Mari Vanna is the first American outpost; they have two other locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This place is authentic.

Mari Vanna offers a prix-fixe tasting menu hybrid of various course numbers with recommended pairings of vodkas.

We’ve been focused on the vodka but seriously, this place has the authenticity, quality and freshness of the food which makes the entire experience superb.

Check it out and if you befriend the right person, you may get a key. Google that. Seriously.