Being a comedian can’t be easy. Writing an endless amount of jokes designed to appeal to a completely random audience sounds impossible, not to mention terrifying. Luckily, there is a place to test your material before you hit the big stage. It’s called the Comedy Notebook and it’s held at Housing Works in Soho.

One by one established comedians take the stage gripping crumpled pieces of paper and disheveled notebooks hoping to gauge if their latest works of humor are humorous at all. In just minutes, the fate of their labor is decided by an anonymous audience with an uproar of laughter or crickets all around.

Some comedians had the crowd in hysterics, while it was clear others needed to go back to the drawing board. But all of the acts gained something even more valuable than a laugh – the chance to perfect their next big show!

Look out for the next Comedy Notebook because who doesn’t like a free laugh?