On Thursday October 10th, Fincon hosted the “Comic-Con Cosplay Bash” event at Hudson Terrace. The event was held to launch Hello Hero, a new video game that you can play on Facebook, Android, or iPhones.

Being the diligent reviewer I am, I consulted with a good friend who is an active cosplayer (is that a word?). He instructed me that I could not go without a costume if I wanted someone to talk to me. I’m no cosplay virgin. Do I dress up on a regular basis? No. Do I appreciate when others do? Totally! So I jumped at the chance to attend this event. What I did find is that this event was made up of some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met. People from all walks of life and from all over the country had taken the time to not only create lifelike costumes, but really embody the character they are portraying. The characters resonate with the people who attend which makes for a passionate crowd. From realistic Game of Thrones costumes to those who didn’t dress up at all (you know who you are and you’re lame). The biggest thing I took away from this event is that EVERYONE was welcoming and friendly. The pretentious NY attitude did not exist with these attendees.


As a child of Atari, I can’t say that I have any relevant experience with video games but this multiplayer game with options to change your character is unique from the other games out there. Keep your eyes open for it in the coming months.

Santina Bari