When we launched our concierge service, people asked us why? We are not surprised by the question and in fact welcome it. After all, Simon Sinek did pretty well for himself by asking why. It may surprise you, but we did start with why? Why would anyone opt to use a concierge service when they can google anything at any time from their iPhone (or any other smart device)? The answer is stress and hassle. Sure, we live in an on demand world but maybe the constant flow and access to information is what causes us the stress.

According to the American Institute of Stress, stress costs American Industry more than $300 billion annually. Need we say more? What if all you had to do was decide what you wanted to do, make a call (or send an email) and the rest was taken care of for you. Convinced yet? How about if it were for free? Does that sound better than Googling on a device too small for your hands, making phone calls to secure reservations, texting your party to confirm all while killing your battery? We say no to stress!

Our concierge service, Gotham Concierge, will handle anything and everything for you. Most of our requests are for a night out, difficult reservations at restaurants, booking hotels, car services, and general event planning for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just a night out!

Having said that, we will also take care of your dry cleaning, shopping, party planning, home organization and anything else you can think of (way more effective than Facebook).

Sounds pretty awesome, yes? We think so too! The best part is that its free to the consumer, so why not use it? We make our commissions from the people we work with. This means that they’re extra excited to work with us since we’re sending them business and you benefit the most since they want to keep you, the customer, especially happy.

Our venues are hand selected by our affiliate, New York Events (www.newyorkevents.co) where all of our relationships begin. We will not send you somewhere we don’t already have a relationship with!

So, before you Google, Uber, text, call, email and waste your battery, call us at 646-504-8345, email us at nicholas@gothamconcierge.com or visit us at gothamconcierge.com and we’ll take care of the rest. Enjoy your free time, don’t stress and let us worry about the planning. After all, we are the experts!