We all know how the song goes but how many of you have actually partied at The Copacabana? It’s an iconic New York City venue that opened in 1940 with endless stories told by Barry Manilow and generations of others. The Copa has housed some of the most famous events and people through its life which has spanned several venues across the city (and a brief stint in Florida). Its latest home is on West 47th Street.

My father has told me countless stories ‘back in the day’ when the gang would party til the morning at The Copacabana Nightclub. I heard how beautiful the crowd was, how great the music was, and how the venue had the party rocking til the sun came up. It’s always been there and I’ve passed it numerous times…why haven’t I visited The Copa? There is no real reason but now I have no excuse.

This coming Thursday, New York Events will be co-hosting an event at the iconic Nightclub. The party starts at 6PM where dinner will be served until 8 followed by what I hope is a night that my father would be proud of. The deal is a full buffet dinner (including a full carving station) and a concert dance party featuring Tre Bella performing their new single ‘Kisses in the Dark’. Heart and Soul, a 7-piece band, will be responsible for keeping the crowd on its feet throughout the evening. I checked out their YouTube page and can’t wait to see them perform! All of this is going down Thursday night for $20 ($30 at the door). The flyer is below and I look forward to experiencing the legendary Copacabana (hopefully, with you)!