New York City is often accused of being a city that only takes. From the time you wake up in the morning until your head hits the pillow, New York is taking. It’s grabbing money from your pocket, time on the subway and taxes in your paycheck. While almost every city does this, it just feels stronger here. Just like everything else.

The cynics would tell you that the city doesn’t give back after taking. We would argue otherwise. As we’ve learned in this business, it doesn’t necessarily matter what we like or don’t like, and it doesn’t matter how we feel. People care about results.

When you begin to think about hosting an event, you should focus on the results. And, that means making your guests happy! Giving them what they want and experience to boot. A great experience that is.

People are turned off when they feel like the event they are attending to escape reality is taking from them as they perceive reality. You want to give. What does that mean? It means, make things easy for the guests.

First off, no taxation without representation! Okay, that was a bit dramatic. What we mean is that if you need to charge for admission, make sure you are giving something back. For example, live music, a free drink or even a parting gift. People do not like being shaken down without the perception of receiving something in return. Do you?

There are many simple ideas and concepts that you can integrate into your planning to avoid having your guests feel like they’re being ripped off. We love the use of an open bar. Believe it or not, the cost is not as great as your think and most times, people are willing to pay for admission for access. Boozes, we know. Maybe that’s not the thing for your event but you should be thinking of something to compensate for a cover charge or do not have a cover charge at all.

Our message is simple; don’t take something without giving something back.