Coyote Ugly Saloon
153 First Ave (Between 9th and 10th)
Telephone: {212} 477-4431
Hours of Operation: M-Th: 2pm-4am; Fri-Sun: 12:30pm-4am


I do not know where to begin with this establishment because it is an experience unlike any other. I would like to use another definition, however, for now this is best choice as I do my best to glorify its existence in the Meatpacking District. A few cronies and I walked in to satisfy our curiosity and proudly proclaim we visited one of New York’s famous destinations. The size of the bar equates to the dimensions of a walk-in pantry and during the weekends, it is an overwhelming feeling as a sea of people fills every square inch of the place. I know you are asking, o.k., what is the big hype of attraction.

  1. The staff (bartenders in leather shorts, pants, cleavage tops) tickles your senses while displaying their entertainment skills by dancing on the bar.
  2. Endless rows of donated bras decorate, compete for their individual attention, and simultaneously provide brief eye candy satisfaction.


The restrooms are super tiny while the walls explode with creative outlets of graffiti, random notes, and all the necessary tools to confirm the biker/dive bar status.  Honestly, I admit that I felt a little tougher and entertained a thought to purchase a Harley after surviving that experience.

We did not eat there since we had dinner and made this our midway stop to another place, but perhaps another time. In conclusion, it was an interesting after effect and I am proud to proclaim that I would return in the prospective future; just remember that it is your choice to donate your bra if life beckons for your participation to surrender in a spontaneous truth or dare moment.

By: Laura M. Artis