It’s been the latest rage and possibly one of the things we can thank the hipsters for. We no longer have to drink crappy mass-produced beer with subpar ingredients. More important, bars and restaurants around the city NEED to carry GOOD beer now because of all the awareness out there. All great things that we are very happy about. Delicious, calorie-packed booze that gets us drunk fast!

Living in New York, we’re somewhat spoiled and can probably find any beer we want. The only issue is that there are only so many taps and so much refrigerator space for venues to stock the stuff.

Lucky for us living in New York, we have The Village Voice! Yes, they’re an awesome read but they also have been producing The Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival for the past 3 years. The 4th Annual takes place on Saturday and boy are we excited!

The event will take place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and over 1,000 people are expected to attend! We are not surprised given that over 100+ craft brews from New York and beyond will be there to try and booze it up!

To help coat your stomach during your day drinking fest, The Village Voice is giving us a Food Truck Courtyard that will include local favorites including Valducci’s Famous Original NYC Pizza and Phil’s Steaks. Don’t worry, that’s not all they’ll be serving. Those are just our favorites.

If delicious beer and delicious food aren’t enough to get you to buy tickets (if they’re still available), you can also enjoy the official BKPour Game Area, presented by Dave & Buster’s, featuring beer pong, air hockey, Beirut, basketball toss and more!

Limited tickets may still be available at:

The Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival

Get them now!