Culture Club
20 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018
{212} 921-1999

I love the hell out of the 1980’s, and yes, I know we are in the 21st century but I thank the Universe for creating Culture Club, not the band, the one and only 80’s club. If you have never visited, you are missing on an “Oh Mickey you’re so fine” time. It has always been a personal mission to visit, and the Universe is kind to grant that wish. So, if you dare here are some tips to deeply enjoy the moment, and remember you can do your own thing, however, as my friends always say, always go big, or don’t bother leaving your home.

The first thing to do is to invest and apply glittered fuchsia pink lipstick, matching nail polish or an alternate color, just make sure it’s super bright. The next items on the preparation phase are tie/dye clothing, laced gloves, leg warmers, plastic hoop earrings, bright low or high-heeled pumps, and of course nothing defines the 80’s like snap bracelets.  The ensemble is complete when you crinkle your hair and do not fear the hairspray in fact go all out, and finish the can if necessary and voila, you are ready to tackle Culture Club.

After a brief line at the door, it is all fun and games as you surrender to the Pac Man painted walls, out of control and delicious cocktails, and of course, dancing to your favorite 80’s tunes. Some of us might look forward to another “Manic Monday” but for a couple of hours on the weekend we can try to remain “Forever Young.” Calling all brides, birthday girls and boys, and eccentric party throwers alike, Culture Club is available to host any occasion for you, however, reservations are highly recommended.  So perhaps once you finish working on the “Nightshift,” drop by and you never know you might be “Living on a Prayer” to continue the feel good vibes or forget about life.

By: Laura M. Artis