Bullying takes a turn for the worst when a 12-year oldEast Harlemboy named Joel Morales hung himself in the apartment he shared with his mother last Tuesday. Reports have shown that the cause of the unfortunate boy’s suicide was the endless bullying that he had received at school due to his height, and his intelligence.

Originally from P. S. 102, he was transferred to P. S. 57 in the hopes that the bullying would stop, but it didn’t, and he, reached a breaking point when he was bullied about his deceased father who died when he was only four years old.

Morales, a happy and precocious child according to his mother, and a well-behaved and kindhearted individual according to school officials and teachers, hung himself in a rented flat he shared with his mother at 11.30 pm on Tuesday after her mom went out to search for him when he failed to come home after a school club activity.

Investigators found that Morales left no suicide note. His anguished mother and sister bitterly mourn his passing, saying, ‘we want to remember him as a happy kid’. The school authorities who heard of the news had failed to comment on the tragedy, citing privacy issues as reasons for their incapacity to comment on the ‘alleged’ bullying.