Katie and Caleb, a beautiful couple, went to the premiere of the Dark Knight where the shooting took place. Katie, being the luckiest person escaped the shooting whereas the husband struggled for life after taken to the hospital. The couple was admitted to the University of Colorado Denver Hospital but for different reasons. Katie was pregnant and delivered a baby boy on Tuesday while her husband struggled for life in an intensive care unit due to being wounded in the theater shooting. Sources said that both mom and the baby were in good condition however, the news came to Caleb when he was in ICU and suffered a brain damage along with losing his right eye.

The shooting almost killed 12 people and couple of them wounded. Sources said that Katie was seated next to her husband while watching the premiere but managed to escape unharmed. Now, the situation is such that the couple is asking for help from the people in financial terms since they have no health insurance.  This financial aid is especially for Caleb who needs multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. Caleb Medley’s friends, family and relatives are asking for financial help through a website created by them. They also informed the sources that the medical bills would go up to 2 million dollars.

Caleb is expected to stay for another 2 weeks in an intensive care unit. Caleb’s brother posted on the social networking site, Facebook that Caleb has made some good and positive signs and also recognizes people and their voices. Katie who is an aspiring stand-up comedian planned to change the location of her son’s birth so that she could deliver in the same hospital where her husband was recovering. The couple attended the Dark Knight premiere as a special treat before their son’s arrival. Though it was a distress for the Medley family but at the same time the birth of their son served as a blessing for them.

By: Bharat Mehta (mehtabharat26@gmail.com)