Here we are again on another beautiful Saturday night and the destination this time around was the Meatball Shop in Williamsburg. As soon as we entered and the energy of the place engulfed us. It did not take that long to be seated and once we sat, I got antsy waiting to order. They have a unique way of doing things here and I really appreciate the eclectic yet interactive way of ordering food. Therefore, this is how it goes; they give you a black marker with your menu and you check off how you want your meatballs to be served. You can choose “naked balls” with a sauce of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose to order your meatballs as sliders, heroes, smash (yes they actually smash them), and they have something called “everything but the kitchen sink salad” which are your meatballs of choice served over tossed salad and side dishes available for an extra nominal fee.

Additionally, this is where this place earns extra points. For all you vegans and or vegetarians do not walk thinking they forgot about you, because the offer veggie balls as well and an abundance of veggies as sides to satisfy your palate. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is great, and however I must warn you it gets crowded quickly. On the flipside, they do not accept reservations, but offer new daily specials, and (drum roll please), new cocktails and jello shots recommendations for the day; lunch anyone? Oh and by the way high fives across the board for their three locations on Stanton, Greenwich and of course Bedford and they stay open late so after you finish hitting the bar scene and want to satisfy your late night craving, this is the after party.

By: Laura M.Artis.