You were planning and planning back at the end of 2018. You even told your friends, family and likely your employer that you would be enjoying a couple of weeks off in Italy. You would be touring the sites, visiting the romantic cities and sitting by the coast right by Sophia Loren’s villa.  Well, here we are. A year later and about to enter Winter and the trip did not happen. Before you make excuses and talking up the Summer of 2020, take a time out. At least through November 17th or the end of this weekend.

While we can’t get you to Italy and back in time to be in the office on Monday, we can tell you the next best thing. And you will eat like you are on the coast. Except, you’ll be in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City. Arguably more glamorous. Or not.

The event that started on November 1st and ends this weekend is hosted by Eataly. The team that brings you all things deliciously Italian is hosting Eataly Restaurant Fest, a two-week-long dining festival featuring a two-course lunch and dinner deals and specially-priced wines in all of their six restaurants.  Did you even know that they had SIX restaurants?!  The best part is that each restaurant has its own unique theme, chefs, and menus. All of them will be participating in Eataly Restaurant Fest, giving you endless dining options.

We hear that the Eataly chefs are abuzz with excitement that fall is here! Yes, that means the weather is changing but it also means that it’s time for sweet squash, fragrant white truffles, hearty meat ragù, and so much more yummy dishes. Eataly’s culinary experts have been busily creating new menus that reflect Italian autumn traditions and the best ingredients the season has to offer.

Oh, and the best part! Complete your meal in true Italian fashion with a $25 bottle of wine from their fall selection (think: bold reds and fresh whites) by carefully curated wine experts.  Make your plans NOW! 

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