In our advanced world, it seems like things are either hyper-focused or a hybrid. You know, the best Cuban food, the best Asian food or Cuban-Asian Fusion. Hybrids are produced from parents of different species, varieties, or breeds. Its all the rage in cars and food. Now, with the state of the world and what this pandemic has done to our society, the term applies to entertainment in a different way than ever before.

While we are no long in the heyday of drive-ins, we have seen them make a comeback during COVID-19. With blockbusters few and far between, you have probably seen most of the movies shown on the screen in the parking lot. When is the last time you saw a live performance? Heck, when is the last time you were in a subway station and watched someone beat the drums?  We have a longing for live entertainment but with the fear of coronavirus, our options are few and far between. Until now.

Our city is now home to a combination like no other. A drive-in movie theater meets live theater. It’s definitely off-Broadway but the talent is what we’re used to or at least what we remember. The stage is set on Hallett’s Point Play, a 50,000-square-foot stretch of the waterfront in Astoria in Radial Park.

Radial Park, is Broadway at the drive-in. An interactive, theatrical experience, from the safety of your own vehicle. Guests will come to enjoy a show on the big screen with live, sing-along entertainment, performed by Broadway stars. A fun, family friendly night out! Don’t have a car? No problem! Rent a picnic table and a retro boombox to hear the movie and live performances. Enjoy snacks and ice-cold beverages from the concession stand or enjoy something fun and delicious from one of the food trucks on site. Ticket price is per car (5 passengers) or per picnic table (4 guests). New York is always upping their game and never staying down. This is proof.

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