New York is filled with interesting things to watch. First and foremost, this may be the best people watching city in the world. There are tons and tons of people and plenty of entertainment to see just by sitting in a Starbucks window; this is also the cheapest (and possibly best) form of entertainment on Manhattan.

Aside from people, we watch cabs go by; try to find celebrities and birds. Yes, birds. We know, bird people are strange. Maybe that’s true if they wake up and go feed the pigeons like that woman from Home Alone (no offense) but how about if it was watching eagles?! Yes, the bird of prey that represents everything America. We have them in New York!

How about making an event of this! How of often do you see a bald eagle? Talk about EXCLUSIVE! We’re here to let you know that there have been sightings in Upper Manhattan. Why? To bolster the population, scientists have been relocating eagle runts (dubbed eaglets). They put them in an artificial nest on a platform in Inwood Hill Park, near a salt marsh at the north end of Manhattan. Now what? 20 eagles were tagged and released. While the surviving eagle population is expected to be low, people claim that they seem them fairly often (even reports of daily sightings!).

Why are we telling you this now? It actually has to do with weather; Eagles eat fish. Lakes and rivers north of the city were frozen. The lower Hudson had been drifting toward the ocean were being pushed back upstream by the tidal currents. Sitting on the ice were eagles.  Pretty awesome!

If you decide to make your way up town, look for the weird bird crew watchers wearing New York Events hats!