We all got through the winter together and now trucking through Spring and some would even argue that it’s now late to make some summer plans. It may be getting close to the line if you’re thinking of an extended trip out of the country with no access to phone, internet, etc. (can we still pull that off) but it’s definitely not too late for some day trips!

As we constantly remind our readers, we live in New York and that means a reach beyond Manhattan. We know that some of you are afraid to cross those bridges and tunnels but there’s a whole lot of New York out there. And no, we are not talking about the Hamptons (yet)!

Our focus today is on the North Fork of Long Island where there are beaches just as nice as the Hamptons. Likely, not as sceney but if you’re into tanning and swimming, they are a wonderful escape. Another great element of the North Fork is that on the way out to said beach, there are plenty of vineyards to stop off and have a sip!

Wine has been in and we often forget how much access we have to great wineries in our backyard which by New York standards is a Long Island Railroad trip.

There are more wineries than you think and almost all of them offer tastings. It’s a great daytrip; especially if you can get ‘that’ friend to drive. Go early and stop off at the beach after. If you’re looking for some suggestions, we recommend visiting LI Wines.

If it means anything, some of our favorites include Anthony Nappa Wines, Bedell Cellars and Baiting Hollow.

Happy tasting (and swimming)!