Easter Parade NYC

Easter Parade NYC

As the Polar Vortex bids us adieu and we invest countless hours on gearing up for Spring cleaning, let’s not forget that Easter is almost here.

That’s right- it’s that time of the season to buy chocolate bunnies the size of a Ford F-150 and hope to goodness that the whole thing can be eaten before next year.

Here is a tip: start with the ears and work your way down- never in reverse unless it’s one of those unexplained crazy days – in that case do what you must and devour the whole thing as you wish.

In addition to huge dinners, Easter egg hunts, the thrill of wearing new threads and fulfilling the annual “special occasion” Sunday trip to Church, one of the things to look forward to in NYC is the Easter Parade.

Get excited – for bonnets- and tons of them, too. Let me explain.

If this is your first time, as it was for your writer four years ago with my parents, then you are in for a treat. However, if you are a veteran then you know what to expect.

I must agree that yes, it was a bit of a confused bewilderment because the initial view of thousands of grandiose hats and bonnets walking around was not what I expected.

For a brief moment I thought my dad took us to this event as a temporary detour while heading to the real Easter Parade – but that was not the case.

I hate to spoil the surprise but trust that you wouldn’t want to miss it. The fun part is that it’s open to the public and everyone can participate if you choose to do so.

So why not take the time to either buy – or better yet put those creative skills to the test and make a cool bonnet of your own, and walk with pride with other cool people down 49th-57th Streets along Fifth Avenue.

This is a great festival full of cool smaller events perfect for the entire family. So New York, you have another great idea to think about for Easter Sunday.

By: Laura Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink.