Along with the change in seasons and incoming warm weather comes all the fall events. Whether that means the start of the MLB Baseball Season, March Madness or summer planning. Spring has sprung and the next event to celebrate is Easter! Aside from all the religious significance around the day, it’s a glorious time to be in New York and plenty to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if you’re a local, a tourist or a bridge and tunneler finding excuses to be in the city. This is a special time you won’t want to miss.

Easter in New York is one of the most popular times due to the abundance of people in town for the week though Easter Sunday which is the big day. Easter celebrations last for the whole weekend, from Good Friday through Easter Monday. The main event is the The Fifth Avenue Easter Parade which is more than just an extravagant Parade and all about the Easter Bonnets! There are a multitude of people, adults & children who flock to Fifth Avenue. The parade starts from 49th Street and heads up to 55th Street. You’ll find many people wearing the most bizarre hats and sometime dresses. Some people dress up in period/vintage dresses or fantasy costumes. There are also those who disguise themselves as animals, others as vegetables, and some dressed casually betting everything on their extravagant hats!

You will find Jazz Bands playing along Fifth Avenue, and many New Yorkers dancing to the rhythm of Swing Music! Jugglers and street dancers, street vendors for cotton candy and balloons … You might also find vendors for hot dogs, pretzels, and fries.

As you can tell, this is a pretty special time around town and no matter what you celebrate or believe in, there are plenty of reasons to be here and enjoy the multiple exciting events taking place!