While the Holiday Season has ended and our annual diets have kicked in, we are still in a hibernation period and need the carbs. We’re not bears but it sure feels great to have a full belly. We’re also in a period of the year where there is not as much going on which gives you time to work on that resolution you made a couple of weeks ago. Remember the one where you said you’re going to cook more?  Oh, no? If not, maybe you can make a late addition to your 2020 repertoire.  First up on the list, pasta, fresh mozzarella and wine!

The wine is the easy part. The rest is just fun! Hungry Pop is hosting an event that we cannot wait for. If you don’t know them, their mission is simple: ‘We bring people together over food and drinks.’  Right up our alley as you know.

With a little help from artisanal cheese-making expert and New York native, Max Schwartzman (who learned how to make fresh mozzarella in NYC’s finest establishments like Agata & Valentina, Campbell Cheese, and Mekelburg’s) and Giorgo Katrantzos (who has more than fifteen years’ experience in hospitality and has held managerial positions at Walt Disney, Morton’s Steakhouse, and BareBurger), you can now come and learn how to make pasta and fresh mozzarella while enjoying an open red & white wine bar!  Chalk it up as education where you’ll learn how to make an Italian feast from scratch while you drink wine at this cooking workshop by Hungry Pop.

You’ll get a quick demonstration of how to make both pasta dough and fresh mozzarella from home, and then you’ll finally be able to participate in making your very own mozzarella and fresh ricotta-stuffed tortelloni pasta (which you’ll get to take home).

After you make your very own ball of fresh mozzarella, you’ll be able to finish the dish off with slices of imported prosciutto, an heirloom tomato salad with basil and chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, and imported balsamic vinegar. (And if you like, don’t forget to grind your very own pink Himalayan salt and black peppercorn seeds atop your fresh mozz for some extra flavor!)

Ready to sign up? Great! Visit hellohungrypop.com for more information and tickets.