With its eye popping high rises and caravans of horn honking yellow taxis, New York City offers more than just downtown streets of overcrowded tourists traveling alongside busy bodied native New Yorkers. Whether you are a native, live outside of New York City, or are visiting from abroad, you may be missing out on some of its hidden cultural gems. Venture uptown for an exclusive experience into the rich culture which helped shape the historic, currently evolving, and energetic Spanish Harlem, El Barrio.

Across from the awe inspiring and visually stimulating greenery of the Central Park Conservatory Garden, stands a true cultural achievement four decades in the making, El Museo del Barrio (El Barrio Museum). Before entering the building, equipped with public seating and tables, El Museo del Barrio greets its visitors with an architecturally eclectic wide open patio style setting. On hot summer days visitors can be seen sitting outside conversing while enjoying ice cold beverages. Once inside, the energy in the air is felt as colorful and eccentric exhibits adorn brightly lit open spaces, leading to hallways with collections of over six thousand objects of Latin American, Latino and Caribbean art.

Adding to the cultural experience is “El Café” which serves a variety of Caribbean and Latin American dishes deserved of unashamed finger licking. To maintain its culinary diversity the critically acclaimed café provides a different menu every other week, which can continually peak the curiosity of any food connoisseur. After enjoying a great meal in “El Café,” treat yourself to a souvenir from “La Tienda” (the gift shop). From jewelry, to fine art and even music, you are sure to find something that will catch your eye. If you are preparing to turn your summer into a New York City archaeological expedition, El Museo del Barrio should certainly be a marked location on your map.

El Museo del Barrio
1230 Fifth Avenue (at 104th Street)
New York NY 10029

Adults =$9
Students and Seniors =$5
Members and children under 12 =Free
Seniors Free on Wednesdays