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Welcome to The Box in downtown Manhattan and this where an amazing Opera takes places. The words chosen to best describe the Eliogabalo experience are a beautiful mix of eccentric provocative humor. So here is the rundown on what to expect if you have the pleasure to attend the event.

 The Opera is based on a Roman ruler who reigned from 218-222 notorious for this ferocious appetite for women. His appetite is remains so strong that he vouches to elect an all female Senate- and honestly during that time was unheard and perhaps even considered taboo.

 Additionally, during this period he falls in love with Flavia Gemmira and since he shuns faithfulness and consistency Eliogabalo decides to play a trick by dressing up as a woman, and appointing executive cabinet orders if the potential female candidates can correctly guess who is embracing them during a short game in exchange for Gemmiras hand in marriage.

 As the plot thickens, we learn Gemmira has promised to marry another man, Alessandro – played by a woman. Jealousy veers its ugly head and this motivates Eliogabalo to plan Alessandro’s assassination. During the remainder of the Opera, it is quite entertaining to arrive at different conclusions and just when you think the answer is clear, the twists and turns are worth the final destination.

 It is a great piece to worth watching , however, beware this is meant for adults so leave the little ones at home and come experience it for yourself if it returns in the prospective future.

 By: Laura M. Artis.  Twitter:@Lauraslifeonink