Welcome to the PUNDERDOME! A place where corny one-liners and dad jokes go to claim the credit they so cleverly deserve.

But before you enter, let’s define a pun. A pun is quite simply a play on words. For example, What do you get when you cross a snake and a plane? The punniest answer to that question would be: A Boeing Constrictor. Hilarious, right?  If you agree, you’re ready to enter the PUNDERDOME.

The PUNDERDOME is hosted by a hilarious and quite charming father/daughter duo. Held at the Housing Works Bookstore Café at 126 Crosby Street, pun lovers from all over come out to show their support as punfessionals compete in 3 rounds of fast-paced pun porn. Each contestant puns under a pseudonym like Pun DMC, Punder Enlightening, or Girls Just Wanna Have Pun. In round 1 they have 90 seconds to think of puns against a random topic. After each has said their piece, the audience acts as a “Human Clap-O-Meter” to determine who advances to the speedier, punnier, round 2.

Round 3 and the final contenders go head to head in the ultimate pun-off. The category? American Dinner Foods. The audience roars as the punsters go back and forth spitting out pun brilliance. The winner was clear but not before he was told to stop “stroganoff”.

For pun lovers like me, the PUNDERDOME is a must see.