We’re suckers for the old school. In fact, we believe that to a degree, you are too. Hollywood has glamorized it and we bought in – hook, line and sinker. Especially, when it comes to the old country. The old Italian country! From Big Night to Life Is Beautiful and even the Godfather, there is a romance to dining in Italian restaurants. Heck, Billy Joel even sang about it! The ambiance cannot be replicated. The homemade recipes, the special sauce and the family atmosphere. That was Enzo’s.

What was once known as “Bringing the Old Country Taste to You” has morphed, changed and adapted. It even got a new name. And, we are thrilled. While we are purists when it comes to everything, we respect change. Especially, when it’s done right. And even more so when it’s all in the family.

That is exactly what happened at Enzo’s. The long-time family run business got a makeover and now they call themselves Oggi (aka Today). Calling the restaurant a pizzeria is an understatement. Calling it a pizza bar doesn’t do it justice.

New York Events recently had the opportunity to dine at Oggi. Five weeks into the new operation and things seem to be going as if they’ve been around for years. The staff was not only friendly, courteous and kind; it was like they have been working together for ages. The chemistry was evident and impeccable.

The family run operation also managed to capture many different vibes all under one roof and didn’t leave you confused wherever you were. Yes, it can be your neighborhood hang out; yes, it can be your outdoor go-to; yes it can be your date spot; yes, it can be the place you cater from and play it like your own and yes, it can be your local pizza shop.

Enzo’s was the old school. Now there is a new Enzo in town and he’s actually Enzo di Napoli who is the Managing Chef by night (Pharma Rep by day).  Oggi managed to keep all the pieces of the old school Italian restaurant that we romanticize about — the coziness, the family, the staff, the big plates and most important, fun! What they changed is sourcing their ingredients from the finer distributors and a wine list that is full with unique finds (and priced right). They partner with a local vineyard in Long Island to provide you with an eco-friendly delicious wine from the tap. That doesn’t kill the old school, right? We don’t think so. Let us tell you more.

We started with the street pizza fried dough which was marinara, formaggio, oven baked, evoo, fresh basil. If you have an idea of what dough means in this context, throw it out of your brain because it’s not what you’re thinking. This masterpiece is created with 00 flour and you will taste the difference immediately. The flour impact carried through our meal as we ordered the ‘Hi I’m Enzo’ pizza which came recommended and did not disappoint. Lets also not forget the excellent baked clams made with little necks prepared oreganata style. We are already planning our trip back so while you won’t lose with our choices, we’re convinced everything on the menu is a win. Oh and don’t leave without the Fried Nutella Pizza!

Ready to check it out? Find the details below:

Oggi Pizza Bar
217 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, New York
(718) 499-3150