We recently saw a Seamless ad on the subway that said something about how there was a time (NOT now) when artists were able to afford the village. How true that was and how true that isn’t today!

The area was once upon a time filled with lower income families, beatniks and artists trying to make it in music. Think Gaslight Cafe and movies like Inside Llewyn Davis. Lucky for us, some of the remembrance of that is still available for us to enjoy.

While we can’t promise it will last long with the increasing rents and changing landscape of New York City, we think you should take advantage of it while we have whatever is left!

One of our favorite spots is the Village Vanguard! Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, The club was opened on February 22, 1935, by Max Gordon. At first, it featured many forms of music, such as folk music and beat poetry, but it switched to an all-jazz format in 1957.

Trio 3 is playing and we think that’s the perfect reason to go! The alto saxophonist Oliver Lake, the bassist Reggie Workman and the drummer Andrew Cyrille are esteemed veterans of Trio 3 and share an eclectic history of jazz culture. This group knows the old days of Greenwich Village and what people did to make it! So, if you are unfamiliar, they will show you.

Cheers to capturing ‘old New York’!