Planning an event is not an easy task. There is a lot that goes into an event no matter how big or small. Some of our greatest challenges have been with groups of less than 10. While every event is unique and keeps us on our toes, we try to make a checklist of items to the extent that we can.

Figuring out a concept is usually the first step. It’s the reason why you’re hosting an event. Then comes the date, time and guest list. While these items seem simple, figuring out a date can be an immense challenge. Us New Yorkers tend to take advantage of the conveniences offered in this city and cram as much as possible in our calendars.

After the aforementioned items have been determined, the next step is choosing a location. Naturally, that is when you call us for help! Based up your needs and desired location, we will run our iterative process to make sure you are hosting your event in the perfect venue, leaving your guests talking about their experience for a long time.

While our specialty is helping our clients selecting and booking a venue, we often are relied upon to assist with ancillary items in connection with the event. Some common elements that we assist with are photographers, videographers and DJs. These vendors typically bring the equipment necessary to perform their roles. Where we often see issues is when the group is planning a speaker and doesn’t consider audio equipment such as a microphone or speakers.

We also have experienced clients who have spent a lot of time preparing a PowerPoint Presentation but forget to consider a projector or screen. We take it for granted sometimes that New York City venues can accommodate most requests but keep in mind that they do not have all audio/video equipment on hand!

You probably do not own all the equipment that you need and if the venue doesn’t have it available, not to worry! There are plenty of people and services that will rent you equipment necessary for your event. You just need to consider it before the date! Add equipment to your checklist. Even if it’s a simple ‘No’, it’s something that should be considered for any event. And, of course we’ll remind you!