Possibly the first time we’re covering something that you DON’T want to attend. Yes, we are New York Events and yes, we are the pulse of what’s going on out there. We’re supposed to sit here and tell you what’s hot and happening but this particular event is not so hot and probably not something you’re dying to do.

What is it? Kind of curious to know, yes? Unfortunately for some of you, the wheels are in motion and you’re attending the event known as last minute Christmas shopping! The point where it’s too late to order online because it won’t be shipped in time (c’mon Amazon and bring those drones to market already) and the point where everything in the stores is picked over.

You’ve given very little thought to the recipients of these gifts and now need to rummage through the leftovers to find something that seems like you cared. Oh yea, there will be TONS and TONS and TONS of people in the stores doing the same thing!

We wish that we could poke fun of you and tell you that you should have thought of this sooner but truth be told, we’re in the same boat. Arghhh!

See you in the stores!