We went into the ‘Event Business’ for several reasons. One is that we do not like sitting in a cubicle farm. Another is that we like to socialize and meet people. But the real reason is because we like to be out there. We found ourselves searching for things to do on specific dates, building a calendar of events for ourselves and inviting various groups of friends to events that would fit their interests. It was extremely exhausting but if we didn’t do that, how would we have a social life? Well, we went another route and decided to work 24/7 to bring you this event guide so there is no more social life for us.

For all of you that are not masochists, there is a better way! You hear it all the time…New Yorkers are busy, they don’t know what to do, do not have time to look, yada yada yada. Finally, we have a solution!

Our friend Maria Pardalis, Owner and Founder of Eventsy.com, has made it easy for all of us to have a social life. No longer do you have to scour the internet, find the appropriate social circles to go with and then hang out with them and not meet anyone new.

Eventsy's Monthly Ping Pong Social at SPiN

Eventsy’s Monthly Ping Pong Social at SPiN

Maria and her team have developed a community of over 4,000 New York professionals who are interested in the same thing as you! Someone giving them an option to go out almost every night of the week and meet people. Eventsy will facilitate introductions for networking, business and potentially matchmaking. They’re as flexible as you need them to be and always there for you!

We’re not sure how they do it but you can gain access to their calendar for as little as $150 per year and really go nuts for just a dollar a day!

The benefits are tremendous and if you’re coming here to read what we have to say, you should check out Eventsy to hear what they have to do!

Oh and by the way, use promo code NYE10 for 10% off!

Thank us whenever you like.