Taj Lounge

Amidst the chaos of NY Fashion Week, it was a pleasure to attend a couple of kick-off parties hosted by Shay Star. The events were held at the Taj Lounge in New York City. In case you missed the premiere on September 8, the second chance debut was on September 11 at Katra Lounge.

Once we walk in, the lighting dims, and music ignites in the background while fashion conscious guests arrive in exquisite attire. Everything ranging from one-of-a-kind extremely high-inched heels to chinchilla, maxi dresses, animal prints, and so much more.

Some people on the roster included Ms. Ireland and Mr. South India -who needs the runway when the after party provides all that pizzazz!

Katra Lounge

Shay Star and her team perfectly organized this fiesta without a hitch and we look forward to attending subsequent events in the future.

By: Laura M. Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink.