As we march towards the official start of summer, one of the final stops is Father’s Day. A day to hang with your pops and soak in every dad joke that comes out of his mouth.

While you’re amusing and humoring the most important men in your life, you can also entertain. You are in New York City and there is plenty to do!

Our goal at New York Events isn’t to tell you what to do but give you enough to come up with some ideas or check out one of our suggestions. So, with that, here are five potential ideas you can pursue with the goal of pleasing dad.

#1 – Baseball! It’s America’s past time so if you’re pops is into it, take him to Queens as the Mets are home against the Cardinals. If he’s a Yankees fan, take him to a bar, feed him and give him all the beers he wants in front of a TV.

#2 – The Music of the Grateful Dead. We know that what you’re thinking; not kid friendly, right?  Wrong! Kids can celebrate Father’s Day and rock out to the music of the Grateful Dead featuring the Stella Blue’s Band. For more information, visit

#3 – Governors Island. Hope on a ferry to the oasis just off the main island. Here, you can enjoy their brand-new mini golf course, a maze challenge, zip line or just go and chill! It’s sure to be a great day outdoors.

#4 – Theater. Outdoors.  Is dad a theater fan? If so, head to Central Park, where New York Classical Theatre is performing Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

#5 – Beach it! We often forget how close we are to water and how many local beaches there are. Use the day or the weekend. There is plenty of water surrounding us.

So, there you have it. Quick and dirty. Five solid ideas for you to think about.  The most important thing is you hang with your Father. We’re pretty sure he’ll appreciate what follows.

Hope it’s a blast and Happy Father’s Day to you and yours!