Summer is still technically here for another few weeks but with the days getting shorter and the nights getting crisper, fall seems like its nearly here. For us New Yorkers, that means the best time of the year is here! Obviously, its always the best time of the year in New York but the fall is extra special. Vacations are coming to the end, share houses have finished and weekend trips out east are not happening every weekend. Sure, with COVID-19 things are not exactly the same but it’s still the time of year that New York comes back to life after a summer lull. With indoor dining on the horizon, we are hoping the city’s buzz follows.

One of the events that we always look forward to around this time of year is The Feast of All Feasts! Of course, we’re talking about The Feast of San Gennaro! It’s an epic journey through carbs along Mulberry Street in Little Italy. Clearly, the feast is not happening this year but that doesn’t mean we cant get in the spirit!

There is a pop up that is inspired by the Feast of All Feasts created by Gelso & Grand owner Nima Garos and co-head Koorosh Bakhtiar. The duo wanted the San Gennaro Festival to carry on in spirit in its 94th year.  The event is called Italia and will be filled with foods from NYC’s favorite Italian restaurants.

Some of the hits include Don Angie’s lasagna, Di Fara’s slices (no trip to Brooklyn necessary), and, for dessert, Regina Grocery’s arancini, Belle’s Cafe’s rainbow cookies and Morgenstern’s spumoni ice cream.

Italia is going down every weekend in September at Gelso & Grand. In addition to the above treats, Gelso & Grand is also planning for an Italian sausage and pepper stand and an inaugural zeppole eating contest where daring contestants will square off with plates piled high with crispy fried dough.

We’re New Yorkers. Where there is a will, there is a way! Feast is On!