Everything seems to be uber specialized (including Uber). Craft beers with special hops from particular regions, distilleries popping up in Brooklyn making special blends, and even restaurants that serve only French fries or only cupcakes. We live in a very specialized and particular world and for good or bad, the generalist role is being diminished.

The specialization trend has been running rampant from ice-cream sandwiches to hot sauce! Wait! Stop! Yes, hot sauce! By far, our favorite condiment and gone are the days of only Tabasco and Texas Pete (which are both very delicious). Hot sauces are popping up like the vodka craze. Maybe Diddy should move on from Ciroc to HOT DIDDY.  After all, Joe Perry, and Patti LaBelle have their own brand!

Does all of this sound new to you? Have you missed the craze? No worries! We have an event where you can catch up in just a few hours – the 3rd Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo. We’re not kidding about this. Obviously, it takes place in Brooklyn.

This year it will be held at the newest exhibition space: Brooklyn Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This indoor-outdoor venue has allowed the event to expand the “Hottest Show in the Universe” to include more hot sauce, more eating competitions, more food vendors (!!!), and—of course—more Screaming MiMi Awards!

Sounds pretty hot, yes? We think so too! For more information and to get tickets, visit nychotsauceexpo.com.

We went last year — the burn was worth the bite!

Spice it up!