We’ve been talking about it because we’ve been hearing about it and you know what we mean. The ‘Valentine’s Day Industries’ are working hard to capture all they can during this Hallmark Holiday Season.

While we understand the impact to their businesses, we must admit that we are a little tired of it. However, we still want to be in the spirit of the holiday. For that reason, we partnered with davidshapiro.net, Rachel Russo, and Beau Gould to host a Pre-Valentine’s Day Party.

We’re also on the lookout for love and fun stories. There is plenty of love all over our streets with the entire unnecessary PDA but we don’t hear too many stories. Maybe it’s because we can’t keep a secret? Maybe.

One story that we did hear is art-related and we thought that it was worth sharing. Rebecca Louise Law, an artist hung 16,000 fresh flowers in the lobby of the Viacom building in Times Square to essentially watch them die. Yup, in the lobby are ranunculus, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, delphiniums and thistles hanging. The art is beautiful. Think about it; people go crazy this time of year picking out the perfect bouquet, paying inflated prices, just to watch them die. Rebecca set it up where you can do just that except see a variety and save a few bucks!

Happy Valentine’s Day!