Dreaming of the South can be questionable at times but right now, in the middle of January in New York, we’d go down in a heartbeat! Obviously for the weather, but more so for the food. That heavy, hearty, delicious food.

As we mention many times at New York Events, we are beyond lucky to live in New York and fortunate enough that we have basically whatever we want at our fingertips. Soul Food not excluded.

We can’t take credit for finding it. The New York Times recently did a write up and we’re on our way. The place is called BLVD Bistro and it’s soul food with a twist right smack in Harlem.

The store is in the ground-floor corner of a still-to-be-renovated brownstone. It has all the elements of what you’d expect for a southern joint but refreshed for the times and of course, the New York City Factor.

To second what the New York Times has said, “BLVD Bistro will not astound anyone, but it will satisfy everyone, and sometimes that’s more than enough.”

Isn’t that exactly what you want (in addition to a delicious meal)?