The Big Apple; food has such a major influence on New York’s culture, that even its nick name is a food. New York is known by many names and titles and claims the title “Capital” for many of its offerings. It is the financial capital and the theater capital of the world and was the first Capital of the United States. New York is also known as a “melting pot”, a term given to an area with a diverse cultural population. The term melting pot is fitting, given that a pot is used for preparing food and you won’t find finer food, from all corners of the Earth, than the food that is prepared in New York.

New York is home to some incredible restaurants run by some of the finest Chefs in the world. I could go on and on about the overabundance of restaurants, steak houses, grills, taverns, bars, bakeries, cafés, delis and things of that sort; or I can tell you what every New Yorker, who has been displaced from home for any period of time knows; when you visit New York, get a bagel for breakfast, pizza for lunch, Chinese food for dinner, and the next day go to a diner for breakfast then to a Kosher Deli for some pastrami on rye and a knish, for lunch.

There is a plentiful supply of eateries for whatever flavor your palate is craving. If you want Chinese food, New York Chinese food is the best in the world, if you’re an American. Wo Hop, on Mott Street, has some of the best New York Chinese food and they’re open twenty four hours a day! Not far from Chinatown, is Little Italy, though New York is not with a shortage of Italian restaurants. If you want a truly unique Italian experience, Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, Brooklyn has what you are looking for. If borscht is on your mind, the finest Russian fare is available in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and it is so good you may go home and slap your babushka!

Not far from Brighton Beach is world famous Coney Island, home to the first Nathan’s Famous Franks. Every Fourth of July, Nathan’s hosts the famous hot dog eating contest. If your appetite can challenge Joey Chestnut, but hot dogs do not wag your tail, then head to Astoria, Queens for the best Greek food outside of the Mediterranean, at Taverna Kyclades. The Bronx offers some of the finest Puerto Rican food, north of San Juan, and you can catch the Yankees while eating a delicious steak at NYY Steak. Times Square is home to a veritable cornucopia of wonderful establishments. From the seemingly endless Italian food piled upon a platter at a family style Italian restaurant like Tony’s DiNapoli and Carmines, to theme restaurants like, TGI Fridays, The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, and ESPN Zone.

I would be remiss if I didn’t briefly touch upon the fact that New York invented the bar scene! Though the previous statement could be hyperbolic, it may not be a completely false statement. New York is home to some of the best bars in the world. From the Downtown bar scene, at Bleeker Street, to Bell Boulevard, in Bayside, Queens, or some of the more trendier spots in Uptown; New York can quench any thirst. I would advise a trip to New York’s oldest bar, McSorley’s Old Ale House, established in 1854. Furthermore, should you venture through the swinging doors of McSorley’s, remember these two things, the first is that there are only two drinks served by the staff, McSorley’s Light Ale and McSorley’s Dark Ale. You won’t find any foo-foo, cosmo-cocktails here. The second is the only rule in the establishment; “Be good or be gone.” In addition to the classic ale, the Irish food served within the history-laden walls is some of the finest. If you are not too hungry then at least order a plate of cheese, saltine crackers, onions and mustard; trust me!

Though, I have been fortunate enough to have lived in other parts of the country, my heart, and my stomach, only call one place “Home”. New York.

There are so many wonderful eateries to recommend, and not enough space to write them. For further advice, contact George C. Damanis’ at