Well not exactly but it got your attention.

New Yorkers’ passion for better beer and ale has been fermenting from the day President Carter allowed home brewing. Craft beers have offered an alternative to the industry’s mass-produced suds ever since. A fact I learned at the latest exhibition from New York Historical Society. We also learn how important and rampant beer production was before prohibition, when NY was the largest hop producer in the nation. This exhibition is an insight into the unslaked thirst of the state. As well as historical exhibits there are contemporary beers to try, and they will pour on until September. There are also additional ticketed tastings throughout June, from local brewers including Keegan Ales and Bronx Brewery.


Anthony Murphy (johnnycashback@hotmail.com) is British and recently moved to Manhattan. Anthony has been writing and performing poetry for the last few years, as an original member of Everybody’s Got To Be Somewhere in the south of England and also solo.