Look no further than Target Free Fridays at the Museum of Modern Art for a cure to Friday evening planning woes. The MoMA stays open late every Friday for a unique after-hours museum experience. Even better: it’s free!

If you don’t mind a possible wait, with Target Free Fridays, any and all museum-goers can get into MoMA for free. Though you can’t get tickets in advance, from 4:00 to 8:00 pm every Friday the museum’s doors are open. Just grab your ticket and go. You have free access to everything, from exhibitions to galleries to films.

Modern art aficionados will delight in MoMA’s offerings. Most famous for a collection of sculptures, paintings, and installations, the MoMA also offers up compelling pieces of design, architecture, and photographs, to name only a few. If you’ve never visited this museum, try working your way down from the top floor. You’ll run into famous pieces like Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory and Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans along the way.

Whether you’re a poor student or a cash-strapped tourist—or anyone just looking to see great art without being too hard on the wallet—Target Free Fridays at MoMA are the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.


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